Sunday, December 17, 2017

Blankets for the Twins

I have no idea why but blankets were hard this last year. I whipped up the doll blankets without problem, but when it came time to make real baby blankets I ripped out more than I actually crocheted. I don't have a picture of the one I sent all the holiday gifts to, again stupid on my part. However, I did get smarter before the baby shower for the twins and got pictures.

The first is actually a Herschners pattern from a kit I bought ages ago and never finished. I HATED the yarn but liked the pattern. So I tossed the yarn and made the blanket using Caron Simply Soft. The second is a Shell Stitched Baby Blanket free pattern found here. I loved the colors on this blanket and honestly it was what made me want to try it.

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