Thursday, December 21, 2017

Santa Bear Lovey

I've been trying to send holiday themed packages to relatives with a new little girl since Halloween. The lovey blankies have been especially fun. I had no problem with Halloween or Thanksgiving as I had patterns on hand. I never dreamed Christmas would be my challenge. I found a Christmoose I really loved, but I don't use my credit card on sites I'm not familiar with and that was the only way to obtain the pattern so that wasn't an option. I looked at some Santa patterns but none were quite what I wanted. In the past I've made so many ami's with Santa hats I thought why not check out lovey patterns to see if one could become a Christmas theme with some alterations.

I found this free bear lovey pattern here. The hat was a blend of an American Girl Doll free pattern found here and and old Barbie pattern. I honestly can't give you directions. Every time I make one, I end up playing with the style to try to get it to fit the project I'm making.

Just a note for myself and anyone else that might read this and think to try it. The ears help with the hat. The Santa hats can be heavy. I first tried the hat without the ears and it didn't go well. My thinking was why make the ears if you can't see them. They also stick out a little when the hat is on the head. This actually is why you do make the ears. The ears help balance and keep the hat on the head. Since the blankie is already head heavy the additional weight of the hat needs something to help secure it. The ears provide assistance with that task.

Once again a thank you to these and all the designers who offer free patterns. This helped stretch my Christmas dollars. It also didn't hurt that this project was completed with items completely from my stash helping to reduce my ever exploding yarn supply and providing me with a Christmas gift from supplies I had on hand.

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