Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Easy Peasy Doll Afghan

I got this pattern from the 2015 Crochet Calendar. You can now purchase it as part of a pattern set here. I try to make sure every 18 inch and Baby doll donation leaves with a blanket so I try to start early. I find before and right after Christmas are a good time to get them out of the way. This time of the year, simple is a good choice for me. I find myself having to focus even on simple stuff to keep stitch counts correct.

I started this one while waiting for someone getting some routine testing done. I had it about half done since the testing ran long. It was the perfect choice since I couldn't have concentrated on a book in the waiting area, but the predictable stitch and counting the stitches to make sure the rows stayed even helped pass the time.

Just a note for myself and for those who are interested I used worsted weight yarn and and an I hook to get the size I wanted for the doll. I did not change the stitch count.

I love Michelle's blanket patterns and look forward each year to the new pattern in the Crochet calendar to try something new.

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