Thursday, December 7, 2023

Aztec Wishes Donations 2023 Have Been Delivered!!

Donation day is always one of my favorite days of the year. This charity is a true favorite of mine because it benefits two groups. The students who learn a great deal from working on a charity project and the younger children who get the toys we donate and the families who are provided with other needs by other donations.

As I was putting the boxes together for this year's trip I looked back and realized this is our twelth year participating in Aztec Wishes. It is truly a gift to be part of such a special program.

I've already posted projects I've finished for next year's donation and I've purchased the dolls for 2024. The hunt is on for doll accessories and I'm still putting aside dolls for 2025 since any money I can save allows me to indulge a bit more on items for the donation.

I want to thank my friends at Crochetville for their amazing efforts on behalf of Aztec Wishes. I met freshman involved for the first time with this project and as always the kids are always shocked to find they have support well beyond the local area that reaches across the country. When I told them two dolls had already arrived from AZ for 2024 you should have seen their jaws drop.

The kids and adults were thrilled with all the donations. Tampa your dolls as always were a hit. The loveys were welcomed as they have some younger ones they are seeking some extra items to use. The two freshman girls who escorted us were American Girl doll fans so you can only imagine the excitement over the 18" doll clothes. As always we will be sending all the other stuffed animals and dolls off with blanets as we had enough afghans even with adding additional 18" dolls this year to share with other donors.

The car pictures are a result of my constant shock of what this car will fit. We thought 16 boxes was the limit but each year we seem to squeeze a few more in to the car. Last year was 17, this year we got 19 in the car. DH thinks we might be close to full.

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Millie and Walter said...

What an amazing thing you do every year. Stuffing your car full of boxes made me think of the good old days when there would be contests to see how many people you could stuff in a car. LOL!

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