Thursday, December 21, 2023

My Life Christmas Elves

After having success with the Thanksgiving outfits I decided to make a couple of elf outfits for a friend's children's dolls for a Christmas party we are attending. I have a variety of Christmas patterns but this seemed doable since I had kind of forgotten the project and needed something that would work up quickly for two dolls. You can purchase Adoring Doll's Elf pattern here.

The picture of her finished outfit has it stopping above the knee with the boots coming up and it looks great. When I followed the pattern as written mine was incredibly short. My first effort was the striped hat and I ended up adding more to the white underskirt to make it longer. It worked better with the second attempt when I went with the lengthening the green and leaving the white with the suggested rows. It's all in what you wish to have for the doll. The picture makes it look longer than it is. The dress hits just at the knee which is what I was hoping it would do with the high boots. The green looks better however with a shorter underskirt.

I attempted the french knots she suggests for the green skirt area and mine just looked terrible so I decided to leave them off. It would have been a nice addition if I could have pulled it off but I prefer it without them if they aren't neat.

The solid red hat was a fee pattern Adoring Dolls offered a while back. I didn't check both patterns against each other to see how they are different but I did find the red hat worked up better. I also used a larger hook and I'd do that with the striped hat if I was to make it again.


I used an I hook for the dress and the hat.

The boots were made with an H hook.

The boots fit well and could easily be made with other colors for other outfits.

I am not great with pom pom's so this pom pom is a crocheted version from a now out of print santa hat I've been making for years.

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