Wednesday, December 6, 2023

16 Inch Baby Doll Snuggle Sack 2

At the beginning of the donation cycle I try to balance making the accessories with getting the clothing started for the new donation year. Last year I pushed a bit harder on the accessories and as a result fell behind on clothing so this year I'm trying to make sure while I finish off the extras early on I also make sure at least one new outfit gets in each week as well.

The snuggle sacks were a great new accessory added to the baby dolls last year from a free pattern found here. This has become my latest appointment waiting project. I got most of this completed while waiting for an appointment and finished it off later when I got home.


Red Heart Stripes Polo

J Hook

Add rows until doll fits before completing final row. I've never counted how many additional rows are required for the JC 16 Inch baby doll. I always go by fit.

On to the Lots to Love 14 inch Doll as I'm done with the largest of the baby doll snuggle sacks for 2024.

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