Friday, December 15, 2023

Baby Doll Diaper Part 2

Every year each JC 16 inch Baby doll leaves with 2 diapers for the diaper bag. It allows the child to have a diaper on the baby doll and one to "change" the baby into for pretend play. With this completed one I have one doll with a complete set leaving me with two more diapers needed for 2024.

I've been making these for a very long time because the plastic disposable ones have a short shelf life. These are a bit less realistic but as long as they don't get lost they can be used for some time.

This is an old free pattern you can find here.


I used worsted weight 4 acrylic yarn in any brand I have on hand. It's been a great way to use up yarn left over from other projects. I've used up a couple of left over white yarn balls on diapers and bibs this season already.

J Hook

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