Monday, December 4, 2023

16 Inch Baby Doll Summer Dress

Every year I try to use patterns I haven't yet used in my extensive doll pattern collection. I found this pattern for the JC 16 inch baby doll in an out of print 1981 House of White Birches newsprint leaflet Baby Doll Fashions to Crochet by Margaret Funk for the 2023 donation and now it has become one of my new favorites for the larger baby doll.

I had pulled out Hook and Knives dress pattern to make later so I used the hat from that pattern for something different. You can find that pattern here.

The shoes are from Darski's Peachy Keen set found here. These are really the only shoes I've found that fit this doll so I tend to make them in multiple colors to match the outfits.


This outfit was made with Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn Grape.

To get this to fit the JC 16 Inch Baby Doll I started with an E hook and repeated row 5 once. Thus rows 3-6 follow the original directions for 3-5 moving each row directions down one. For the original row 6 now row 7 that starts the skirt I moved to a D hook to decrease the skirt size as it was too large with the e hook.

I made the hat pattern from Hook and Knives Baby Doll Dress pattern switching to DC after her row of 2sc. I just wanted to try something different from last year.

Some of you may recognize my go to shoe pattern. The shoes are part of a free pattern called Peachy Keen. I used an I hook and am working on a skein of Joann's brand yarn.

This pattern worked out well for the Rag Doll last year so I hope to make a second one for the other 16 inch baby doll and one for the Rag doll as well.

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Stephanie said...

Very cute baby doll summer dress and the shoes are adorable! I love the colors you went with. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at The Crazy Little Love Birds link party #17.

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