Friday, December 1, 2023

16 Inch Baby Doll Diaper

One of the clear signs a new donation cycle has started is when the new diaper bag items start showing up on the blog. I started purchasing the diaper bags a few years ago but I still make the filler that I find to be the most useful. While crochet diapers don't look as realistic as the plastic disposable diapers they are more practical for pretend play as with snaps they can be used for pretend play until they get lost.

I've mentioned it before but my reasoning for making the diapers came from watching how disapointed my nieces would get when the disposable diapers wouldn't work after a couple of plays times and finding replacements when we could find them was not a cheap option and sometimes they just weren't available leaving to frustrated little girls. These diapers while not as realistic looking perhaps do keep the play going.

I make two diapers for each of the 16 inch donation dolls so you'll see four diapers before this year's project is done. It's my way of tracking my progress. If I forget to post it it is very likely I've forgotten to make it as well.

You can find this free easy diaper pattern here.


I use a J hook

This has been a great way to use up left over balls of white acrylic worsted yarn I have from last year's projects.

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