Friday, January 8, 2021

16 Inch Baby Doll Diapers

One of the projects I try to knock off early in the doll donation project each year are the diaper bag items. I need a total of 4 diapers for the 2 JC Toys 16-inch Medium Soft Body Baby Doll La Baby I donate every year so it feels good to get them off my to do list. I try to make a couple in between other projects to keep them from becoming a tedious exercise.

This is a free pattern still available through the Wayback machine here. I have a supply of yarn that was gifted to me and I've been working through it for years. It is a variety an older brands of acrylic and all in various shades of off white. I've been using it primarily for the diapers for the last few years and I would like to believe I'm starting to make a dent. I have enough to finish this years diapers. It is a blessing to be able to make them without needing to buy yarn.

A note to myself for the next set. I followed my notes on the pattern which list a K hook. I'm using my new Ergonomic hooks and found the diapers were a little looser than normal. I read a previous posting about using an I hook and I'll experiment with that as it might have to do with the stretchiness of this yarn. It might need a smaller hook. I will change my notes to reflect the hook size on the pattern as well as noting them on the blog after I make the next set. I continue to use snaps with this pattern.

I did find Melissa & Doug Baby Food & Bottle Seton sale and I was able to purchase 3 sets so the 2 16 inch dolls and the JC Toys, Lots to Love Babies 14 inches Baby Doll will all have one as part of their donation. While bottles are easy enough to crochet, the plates and baby food jars are not as easy to make so the feeding kit makes it a more complete set to donate.


pilch92 said...

Great idea. I can't believe doll diapers are so much more expensive than actual diapers. I am going to make some of these for my great-nieces' dolls.

Sheltie Times said...

The cost is ridiculous and most of them are designed for one use so you either keep buying them or the child gets frustrated because they can't "change" the doll. With the pretend cloth diapers you can make a few and the child can "change" the doll and reuse the diaper later at no additional cost. It is just practical.

There are lots of ways to make them but I crochet so that is what I send with my donations. I know Mom's who use old towels and sew them. There are many options.

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