Tuesday, January 5, 2021


I was trying to decide what to include in the Valentine box this year and one choice I made was breakfast food. I like a hot breakfast on a cold day so it seemed like something fun to add for a cold February day. I started with the waffle pattern from AmiguruMe Eatswhich gave me a good starting point for the project.

The waffle is based on the waffle stitch. I made mine slightly larger than the pattern although I stayed with the suggested yarn and hook. If you are interested in adding scents to your projects this book gives you some ideas. I'm not a fan of toys that smell so I use the book strictly to make the patterns and you don't need the scents to make them work.

The pattern suggests attaching the syrup and butter to the waffle. Normally I sew on anything I can so it doesn't get lost. However, this is supposed to be play food and I thought one of the fun concepts of play is being able to do as much for yourself as possible. Leaving the syrup and butter unattached leaves it to the child to add it to the food. I've a pattern for a syrup bottle that I'm hoping to make later.

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Kim Carberry said...

What a great theme and the waffle looks great x

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