Monday, January 18, 2021

My Life Doll Purple Outfit

This pattern was originally published as Purple Crochet Outfit but when I went to add a link where you could buy the pattern the title has changed. You can buy the pattern here. I've decided to keep the title as I've always been a huge purple fan.

I've had to create a separate binder for my collection of Adoring doll clothes as my pattern stash of her 18" doll clothes from her early days as a free pattern designer to her current days as pattern seller has grown considerably. I like her patterns as they cover different styles and they are affordable for me to continue building out my design collection. While she does offer her blog followers free monthly patterns I have recieved nothing free for my comments about her patterns. I am grateful when I can find supplies for my doll donation project that are affordable.

Notes for this pattern:

As with most of her designs I needed an I hook to make the pattern fit. When I make this pattern again I would not join the top where the directions suggest. I would continue in rows and add an additional button. Joining it as suggested makes the top more challenging to take on and off. I added rows to make the skirt a little longer.

Without giving away any design secrets I really like the textures created in the skirt and the jacket. I also really liked the jacket flaps. I didn't notice them when I looked at the picture but they are really cute when made. The picture from the Etsy pattern substitutes light blue for turquoise. I really prefer the contrast of the purple and the turquoise.

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