Monday, January 4, 2021

Lots to Love 14 Inch Doll Sweet Baby Romper

Updated to add pattern link for purchase. I keep checking back on her site and in the late summer 2021 I found there had been a bunch of patterns added to Amy Carrico's online Etsy store for purchase and thought I'd share the link for anyone interested in purchasing. The Sweet Baby Boy Romper Pattern is available here for purchase.

The JC Toys, Lots to Love Babies 14 inches Baby Doll is a new addition to the doll project this year. After working with the 8 and 10 inch dolls last year it seemed a logical next step in how to increase the donation and keep the project new and interesting for me. I don't mind repeating projects each year for the dolls but I do like trying new things as well.

As I've added more sizes of baby dolls this year I've made an effort to sort through the baby doll patterns and put them in binders by size with an eye to patterns that can work for multiple sizes. In doing so I came across a pattern I'd been gifted in 2014, Sweet Baby Boy Romper Set, by a Crochetville Fairy Godmother. The pattern was then available on Ravelry. Sadly, the designer seems to have greatly reduced her online presense and sells a much more limited selection of patterns on Etsy here. This pattern is not one of those offered. I am hopeful of getting her hoodie pattern as I do like her focus on reducing the amount of added sewing that needs to be done. I only wish I'd had the chance to make this one earlier and then picked up more of her other 8 and 14 inch patterns when they were available.

This was a great pattern to use the Red Heart Comfort Sport yarn I stocked up on when it was on clearance at Mary Maxim a while back and then didn't use. It matched the pattern guage and hook size exactly. I went with pink and yellow as I didn't have white and I liked the dark pink. I was sad to see this yarn discontinued as the range of colors at this weight in acrylic was amazing and I've not found anything like it in other brands.

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