Friday, January 22, 2021

Baby Doll Wipes

I try to be dilegent about linking to pattern designers so people can find the patterns for items I write about but patterns disappear, sometimes temporarily, sometimes forever. I'm not sure what happened with this pattern set. The pattern is for a doll's diaper bag set. The designer at one point sold it with the patern for a doll but I bought it when she was selling it just with the diaper bag and accessories. It included the bag, a bottle, a changing pad, and these wipes. It was a nice set to give a child to play with a baby doll. I have two more of these wipes to make. If the pattern reappears in that time I'll add a link to all the posts for people to find.

One of the things I like about this set is that it adds to the pretend play by giving the child wipes to use in their diaper bag but they are reusable. They don't run out and need to be replaced. I saw an empty plastic bottle in one doll set and another with "wet wipes" but the first requires complete imagination and the second will be a disapointment when they run out or will require constant replacement by some other refill method. This allows the child to pretend and reuse unless you have a doll that really does require changing not just a pretend change.

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