Thursday, January 28, 2021


One of the things I love about being part of crochet communities is how people share and help each other. I had been sharing about my food projects for my Valentine box when a very kind person sent me a link for a free pattern for a BLT sandwich that you can find here. I plan on making the sandwich to add to a later box but the bacon pattern was perfect for the breakfast foods I wanted to add for the St. Patrick's Day box.

The pattern works up incredibly fast and easy. I made all 4 while watching play off football on Sunday after I'd finished off the Valentine Gal. It was the perfect project because it required limited supplies and focus.

The simplicity of this pattern is what I love. There are many bacon patterns out there free and paid but most require additional work. Many patterns have additional embrodiery but this relies on the color shading provided by Lily's Sugar and Cream's Terra Firma yarn. I bought a few skeins as I suspect at some point I'm going to be making more play breakfast sets and this yarn makes the bacon much easier.

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