Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Barbie Easy Dress

I mentioned last week when I posted Skipper's Easy Dress that I'd started work on completing another version for the Barbie Vet doll.


I used Herschner's Baby Worsted Yarn which is a 4 weight but much closer to a DK or 3 weight than most other 4 yarns which is why I buy it and use it for doll projects. It also comes in some great colors. Recently the prices have dropped a bit as they'd gone up during the pandemic. While the shipping was high their house brands had traditionally been more reasonably priced for my doll projects. With the odd weights and color options when I could get a shipping coupon they were a great option for the project.

I stuck with the e hook for the larger doll but I used 22 chains for a starting chain. It will likely need to be 24 for the Zoologist.

As I noted in my Skipper post I suspected the texture of the skirt would more likely resemble the photo in the pattern if I marked the stitches to separate them from the chain 1 stitches and it worked much better.

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