Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Lots to Love 10 Inch Baby Doll Dress with Full Skirt

I made this last year with Herrschners worsted 4 yarn with an H hook for the dress and a G hook for the accessories because I didn't have any Caron Simply Soft on hand which the pattern suggests.

I had Caron this year and found even increasing the hook size it wasn't coming out right so I switched to Red Heart Super Saver. I often have issues with gauge from year to year so this note is for me because I likely will wonder when I try to make this again why I switched.

You can purchase Char Patterns design for the Lots to Love 10 Inch Doll here.


I used Red Heart Super Saver Wildflower, Turquoise, and White.

Despite the slightly heavier yarn I stuck with the H hook for the dress and the G for the accessories and everything fit well.

I left off the ties and the caps for the sleeves. I didn't like the sleeve caps last year but didn't want to ruin the sleeve pulling them out. I don't remember how I felt about the ties last year but they were too heavy with the Super Saver yarn so I made the dress without them and it worked out fine.

If this doll was going to be a display doll rather than for a child I'd consider making the ties but they were rather impractical for a doll that will be played with rather than one that will be a shelf sitter.

Important reminder to myself, MARK the chain spaces with saftey pins after second skirt row. I struggle to notice the difference between the chain one spaces and the natural gaps between stitches and this completely throws off where to place the next row. Once the shell pattern is established the pins or stitch markers are not required but I found it much easier to mark the chain 1 spaces to get the second row placed correctly.

I finish off the leg holes of the panties with a sc around the edges. I find this leaves a cleaner edge.

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