Wednesday, January 31, 2024

My Life Hearts and Flowers

It's almost February so time to think about adding some of the first holiday outfits to the donation for the year. Technically I can make the outfits any time during the year, since the drop off isn't until November or December but it just adds a little holiday cheer to making them around the holiday the outfits are intended to be worn. It also gives the child who receives the doll a chance to keep celebrating once Christmas has passed.

While I've made Darski's pattern available here, several times for some reason my brain missed a step and I had to pull it out and fix it so I'm going to add to my previous year's notes.


I use a K hook for the first 4 rows of this dress as with my odd guage it is the only way I can get the dress to slide on and off. I use an I hook for the rest of the this pattern. I used an H for the the shoes. I returned to row 9 using an I and reduced last sc row of top.

This is the point at which I somehow missed a direction and the top section bubble ended up at the waist. I note this not for the general public but because having made this mistake once I am likely to make it again and I do read these posts each year before I begin the outfit again.

Stop when you finish row 9 and return to row 1. (I do a sc reduction row after row 9 but usually at the end after I've tried on the dress for fit.) Row 1 is the waist line not the top. Row 9 is the completed top not the waist. Return to Row 1 and start Row 10 to complete the skirt portion of the dress.

I've never needed this note before but better to have it and not need it than go down this road again.

The flower belongs lower on the waist but I rather like it up higher. I've experimented on where the ties go over the years and this year it was behind the neck. I would likely try the back again if not for the documented issues above.

The shoes are from Silver Creations Sailor pattern that sadly is no longer available.

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Jayne said...

This is such a pretty little outfit. It's also lovely that you have a community to share crochet patterns with each other too.
Have a great weekend!

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