Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Glitter Girl Linda Dress

I added the Glitter Girl dolls to the donation for a couple of reasons. One they are a smaller alternative for girls who like the larger 18 inch dolls but lack the space those dolls require for storage. When I saw the American Girl Wellie Wishers I liked the style of the doll but clearly it wasn't an ecomonic reality for a charity donation. I came across the Glitter Girl dolls and that was more within the price range I could afford.

The second reason was more personal I had seen Wellie Wisher crochet patterns and wanted to see how well I could adapt them to the Glitter Girl dolls. As with the 18 Inch dolls not all patterns fit all the dolls equally well and some require more adaptations than others.

Now what I find interesting is the Wellie Wishers dolls are listed as being 14.5 inches and the Glitter Girl Dolls are listed as being 14 inch dolls. However I've found I still need to adapt patterns for patterns listed as Wellie Wisher/14.5 inch dolls or 14 inch dolls. That brings me to this pattern. This is one of Adoring Doll's patterns. You can buy the set with the 18 and 14 inch dolls which I have here or just the 14 inch doll here.

My guage is often odd but this outfit has more changes than normal for me.


I used the suggested g hook for the shrug. I had not previously made a shrug so my only note to myself is trust the directions it works.

The dress was challenging as it suggests joining at the first row and I found it impossible to get the dress to slide over the doll's hips until I waited to join until completing row 9. This meant stopping after every row and returning to the starting point to keep the look as if I was working in the round. More ends to sew in but it was worth being able to get the outfit to fit.

Even with that change I used an I hook for the dress. I often use an I hook for her patterns as our guages are different.

I used a g hook for the purse and shoes. I might consider an e for the purse and start with an f for the shoes next time. It felt both were a bit larger than I wanted. I left off rows on the purse as it was becoming a go bag. I think I'd also opt for a flower button the next time.


Red Heart Super Saver Bright Yellow, White, Ombres Green Apple

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Jayne said...

It's clear to see the effort you put into your donations. You make such lovely outfits.

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