Thursday, January 25, 2024

Chelsea Variegated Dress

I started making this for the donation a couple of years ago adapting it from a free pattern found here.

I like the shorter version of this dress in the variegated colors. I will hopefully make the longer version in a solid color prior to the donation as it is a quick and easy add to the donation bag.


I used a 1.8 mm thread hook for this project.

I did not decrease rounds when joining at round 7 or the project would be too small for this Chelsea doll.

When I previously made this outfit in the vaiegated colors I believe I stopped prior to the dress increases around the knee. In the future if the dress is too short I'd just continue with the current rows until the length was achieved. It looks better longer in the solid color than the multi-colors.

Last year I finished not just the back but the neckline of the dress. It looks fine with the solid pink. I'd just finish the back when using variegated in the future.

Thanks to a Barbie Blogger I was able to pick up some outfits for Chelsea at Dollar Tree prior to Christmas for this year and next year's donation.

I never know what will come back at the Dollar Tree and what is a one and done so I will pick up stuff and store if it is something I'm likely to want for another year.

The line is called Friend's Forever and I believe there are a total of 6 outfits. I had to hit almost all my local Dollar Tree stores to find all of them, but I know Chelsea will leave pretty well dressed for the next few years.

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Sum of their Stories said...

Chelsea looks great in her crochet dress, plus I'm glad to hear you are getting her wardrobe sorted so she'll be ready for any occasion!

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