Monday, January 8, 2024

My Life Flamenco Fruity Stripes

There are certain pattern that work well across multiple dolls and I try to fit them between other projects as I don't like doing multiples of the same item one after the other. This is a free pattern that can be found here.

I picked up the Fruity Stripes Red Heart Super Saver at Joann's specifically for this project as it is my favorite of the striped yarns for this outfit although I use multiple colors to make enough for all the dolls. I was a bit disappointed with this year's skein. I looked back at previous year's offerings to make sure I wasn't remembering the outcome differently and there is just something about this skein that it is striping oddly. There are patches rather than stripes of color. I guess some years are just better than others.


I used an I hook for the dress.

The hat was something I experimented with for the 16 inch bavy doll and still haven't quite finished with enough to write down the pattern.

The shoes are part of Sweet Silver's Sailor pattern that I did finally locate. This is one of my favorite shoe patterns for the dolls but she is not currently selling it in her Etsy store.

I used an H hook for the shoes.

The shoes were made with Red Heart Bright Yellow. I am trying to get better about recording brands and colors when it isn't a left over ball I'm using up and long forgotten the brand and/or color because it does make it easier to find and use again. In the past the bright yellows have been Joann's Big Twist and it can be a little lighter making the shoes a bit smaller.

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