Thursday, January 11, 2024

Stacie Sleeping Bag

Another sleeping bag off my list. I decided to start with the Barbies as they are the quickest to finish off. Stacie was an opportunity to use up some Caron Simply Soft Ombre Rosewood.

Just a note to myself for future projects, Simply Soft is not the best choice for the fashion dolls for this project as their hands get stuck in the yarn. If I had enough it likely wouldn't be an issue with the larger dolls, but it was constantly snagging on Stacie's hands.

This is a free pattern you can find here.

I don't count rows once I'm past the established pattern for the shells. Since this is designed for a Beanie Baby I do need to make it longer. I just continue until it fits the doll and finish off. This year it is slightly longer than required but it also aids with the doll not getting snagged on the yarn.

There is a free pattern on the same site for fashion dolls but with Stacie's hands out as wide as they are I find the wider Beanie Baby bag is a better fit for getting her in and out with minimal snagging.

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Jayne said...

Love this mini sleeping bag. You could make lots of little camping accessories to go with this. Hope all is well with you.🙂

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