Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Ken Shorts and Tank Top

I am happy to say as with Barbie I had to replace the previous Ken, Ken Dentist, with a new Ken, Travel Ken, as the Dentist was no longer available. What made me happy is this Ken is closer to the size of the older patterns I have and I'm hoping it will make it easier to fit patterns to him, thus giving him a better wardrobe when he leaves for the donation.

I made a different set from an out of print Crochet Wardrobe for 11 1/2 Inch Fashion Dolls Including a Complete Wedding Ensemble and Trousseau for the 2022 donation. I didn't get back to it last year. I will likely revist it for the shirt as quick and easy shirt patterns for Ken are always a blessing.

However, getting back to this pattern I found it while doing a search for free Ken patterns. You can find the pattern here.


I used Knit Picks Palette Yarn. This is a fingering weight yarn. MANY years ago when I first started working with Barbie dolls it was the first affordable fingering weight yarn I could find and I've stuck with it over the years, buying it when its on sale.

I changed from an f hook to an e to get the outfit to fit the doll.

Note to self the pony tail holders are too big for Ken you will need to cut and sew elastic for the shorts.

The designer has included directions to make this into a long sleeved shirt and turn the shorts into pants. As I mentioned above I'm always searching for ways to extend Ken's wardrobe so I hope to get back to this pattern and add another outfit to his donation bag.

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