Tuesday, January 2, 2024

16 Inch Baby Doll Summer Dress Parfait

I decided to work on the summer dress for the second 16 inch baby doll for my New Year's Eve project. I finished it during the Rose parade on New Year's day.

As I mentioned in previous posts the pattern for the dress is found in an out of print 1981 House of White Birches newsprint leaflet Baby Doll Fashions to Crochet by Margaret Funk. The shoes are from a free pattern set Peachy Keen found here. While I used another free pattern for the hat of the other 16 Inch doll I winged this one while playing board games on New Year's Eve. I don't have a written pattern for it.


This outfit was made with Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn Parfait.

To get this to fit the JC 16 Inch Baby Doll I started with an E hook and repeated row 5 once. Thus rows 3-6 follow the original directions for 3-5 moving each row directions down one. For the original row 6 now row 7 that starts the skirt I moved to a D hook to decrease the skirt size as it was too large with the e hook.

Some of you may recognize my go to shoe pattern. The shoes are part of a free pattern called Peachy Keen. I used an I hook and a ball of yarn from my left over pile of worsted weight yarn. Not sure of brand. I tend to repeat shoe patterns for the dolls when I find ones that fit because I find it hard to get crochet shoes to fit at times. So you will often see a rotation of a few patterns for the dolls. This is the only one I use for the 16 inch dolls as it is the only one I've located that fits the dolls and will stay on the feet.

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Stephanie said...

This is an adorable summer dress. I love the color. :) Thank you for sharing with us at The Crazy Little Love Birds party #19. :)

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