Monday, August 7, 2023

Topaz Prayer Shawl

I don't blog as frequently as I should but I do like to catch up on my projects as I often come back here to revisit projects when I start new ones. Keeping a record here of what I attempted, where I found the pattern and what I changed has been quite helpful over the years. As I've been working on doll clothes again I find myself frequently checking because even from year to year I've made changes.

This shawl is Topaz Shawl from The Crocheted Prayer Shawl Companion.

I used Homespun yarn but with so many colors disappearing I can't find a grey close to this being currently sold. The pattern calls for Red Heart Symphony Yarn which has been discontinued. The pattern called for an L hook not having one I tried my M hook and found the sizing to be good.

This shawl is in the style of the larger scarf shawls. When I started I was trying to make a range of shawls to appeal to a variety of people I didn't know. I've found different styles seem to appeal for a variety of reasons. For more recent projects I've been trying to target specific people looking for patterns and yarn weights/colors that are more fitting for the individual. The next few I'm writing about were in that general batch for anyone in need.

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