Monday, August 21, 2023

Lots to Love 14 Inch Baby Doll Dress Hat and Shoes

As I mentioned previously I've been using my phone to track the doll items as a way of better planning my doll projects so the dolls are better dressed. The blog works well for a general site but having a list when I'm mobile to see what I should be working on vs perhaps what I really want to work on keeps me on target for finishing before the deadline.

As I was reviewing I noticed the baby dolls have been sadly neglected this year. So after having made some for the larger baby dolls it was time for the Lots to Love 14 Inch Doll to get an outfit.

This is one of Petite Doll's designs that can be purchased here. Just a note the pattern is written in UK crochet terms so I do find myself occasionally having to remind myself to sc and not dc in certain points of the pattern but I've gotten better over the years as I've used more UK patterns.


Hook size: E

I used Baby Bernat White for the top. I believe this is an old Skein of Herschners afghan yarn I've been using up for the purple. Their yarn prices recently went up on their house yarns but I had stocked up on some of their house brands last year primarily for the baby doll projects as it is a little lighter than advertised and seems to do well for the various baby doll outfits. It comes in a wider variety of colors than traditional baby yarns so I find myself using it more frequently. I have a rather large stash of yarn so hopefully I can ride out the price change and it will return to a more reasonable brand for the quality.

I changed the hat a bit this year by doing a row of front post sc to create the brim for the hat. I picked the idea up on an 18 inch doll pattern and I liked the way it formed a little brim.


Dee | said...

Another cute outfit, love the color. Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 126. said...

Long time no see, so great to see you once again on craft schooling sunday!

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