Thursday, August 10, 2023

My Life Youthful Memories

This has been a wonderful busy year and I'm trying to make sure that despite some great things coming into my life I don't forget those in need. The doll donation may not end world hunger but joy is a precious gift in our world. Providing something unexpected to children at Christmas is something I've enjoyed doing for some time now.

I mentioned in my previous doll post this week that last year we organized all Darski's doll pattern links on Crochetville and I printed out the ones I hadn't previously downloaded. I also put together a binder of her 18 inch doll patterns so I could find them when I wanted them, rather than hunting through several binders of patterns to find hers. This summer as I return to making doll clothes again I've turned to an old friend's binder to find inspiration for the journey. Her patterns are so creative that I've found myself back into the groove of creating doll clothes and still working on shawls.

This free pattern is Youthful Memories and you can find it here.

This was another one I thought I'd made but while similiar to some of her other patterns I've never made this one before. This is a delightful outfit and it works up fairly quickly. This was another chance to use up left over yarn from previous projects.


I used a hairband for the elastic waist. I've continued to need an I hook for her patterns this year.

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Jayne said...

Aw, it's so lovely to have you back at #MMBC and so lovely to see your lovely creations again. :)

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