Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Our Generation Dovetailed

As I mentioned in previous doll posts I've been working my way through Darski's free 18 inch doll patterns.

I often neglect the Our Generation doll and find myself scrambling at the last minute to make it equal for the doll donation. There are certain outfits I tend to make for the Our Generation doll so I'm trying to pull some of those as I go through the binder and make sure the Our Generation doll gets some attention as I go.

This is Darski's Dovetailed pattern and you can find it here.


I use an I hook for the skirt and I use a hair elastic for the waist band

To make the top fit I use a K hook until I change to pink then I change to a J hook. I finish the back with grey and make the button holes as I finish the back. I tried finishing the back with white on the Rivulets outfit and liked the look. However, as I looked at the back of this outfit again, still didn't like the idea of finishing the back in white, so I went with grey.

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