Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Lil Cutesies Dress, Knickers, and Shoes

I'm continuing to cycle through my donation dolls trying to make sure they all leave with clothes. This is one of Petite Dolls patterns for the Lil Cutesies Doll that can be purchased here.

As I did with the larger JC 16 inch Baby dolls my plan is to cycle patterns through the Lil Cutesie doll and the Lots to Love 8 Inch Baby doll as most patterns fit both with minor adjustments. Since the Lil Cutesies doll was still waiting for a picture to be taken when I finished this outfit, I started on a bathing suit for the Lots to Love 8 Inch Doll that I hope to switch and make this dress for the Lots to Love 8 Inch and the Bathing Suit for the Lil Cutesies doll.

This was made with the same Herrschners yarn I used for the Lots to Love 14 Inch Doll I posted about yesterday. I used the suggested E hook and the fit was fine. This pattern does not come with a flower so I borrowed one from another one of her patterns I purchased here. One of the advantages of having a pattern library is being able to borrow items from one pattern to use with another. I do this all the time with shoes. When I find a pattern that is easy and fits I often repeat it.

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Dee | GrammysGrid.com said...

How cute, love the color! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 126.

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