Thursday, August 17, 2023

Our Generation Howdy Neighbor Madison

Guage is always an interesting adventure for me. I can follow the directions I've used for years with a doll and some years it just changes. Last year I wrote down the changes for the Madison pattern to fit the My Life doll and I followed them using a ball of yarn I believe I was using last year when I made the doll for the My Life donation in 2022. However, this year the dress was a better fit for the Our Generation doll. No real loss since I generally have more outfits for the two My Life Dolls than the Our Generation Doll, but I always find it strange to see what works and what doesn't from year to year.


I used a J hook for the bodice as it was tight with an I hook. After the joining round I returned to the I hook.

I finished the back in green rather than the white trim. It just worked better for me. I also used a snap to close the back rather than buttons.

Row Changes:

Row 3: It says sc 19 I believe this should read 9 to match the stitch count. This is why I love designers that give you a stitch count. It is so much easier to figure out what they intended when I make a mistake or when there is a mistake in the pattern.

Row 11: There was no stitch count for row 10 so I could be off, however, based on what I did in row 10 to reach the stitch count in row 11 I dc in 5 3dce in next 11 times to get a count of 55.

To get the length I wanted on the dress I added rows.

I went from 12-16 to 12-20.


I did not finish the back in white and I adjusted the top trip. I did not ss I crocheted 5 sc across back. I chained 8 instead of 5 for the strap, it was too tight with 5. Then I continued pattern as written making these changes for the other side of the dress.

Since this works up quick I may try it later for the My Life dolls with an I hook to see if I can get a better fit with a different colored yarn.

It feels good to get some items finished for the project. There are many wonderful positive things going on outside of doll world but this donation is near and dear to me and I want to make sure I don't neglect it.

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