Friday, August 18, 2023

16 Inch Baby Doll Sundress

This is probably the oldest and most consistant of my donation patterns for the 16 inch baby doll. Technically I have "older" patterns, some antique but I found this one when I was first starting with the 15 inch baby dolls and have used it consistantly since then.

Sadly the blogger has disappeared from the Internet but you can still access the pattern through the wayback machine here. The pattern includes the hat and the dress. I use Darski's baby shoe pattern for all my 16 inch baby doll outfits found in her free Peachy Keen pattern here. It is one of the only patterns that seems to consistantly fit the doll and stay on.

I was excited to finish off another ball in my collection of left overs, although it didn't quite finish the whole outfit. I had to start a new skein to finish off the hat and to add the shoes. However, it is always great to see a ball gone. I have a green ball eyed for the copy of this dress I need for the other 16 inch baby doll. While I still have to stock up on colors I go through consistantly I like to target yarns that I bought and never used each year and now that I have my left overs in a bin I like to use them up as well.


This pattern was designed for a smaller doll so I've had to work on hook sizes to get a good fit over the years.

I use a K hook for the dress joining after the first row. I used an H hook for the hat and an I hook for the shoes. I do have to make the straps a bit longer but I play with that every year so I didn't record a strap length this year.

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Jayne said...

This outfit is beautiful! And I love the shade of pink. It is very satisfying when you use up yarn that would otherwise be sitting gathering dust. Lovely project!

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