Thursday, August 24, 2023

Lil Cutesies Dress, Headband and Shoes

This was another pattern from Petite Dolls for the Little Cutesies Doll. You can purchase the pattern here.


I used a B hook for the pattern and chose to close the back rather than use a tie. It is loose enough to slide on and off without needing to leave an opening and adding a tie.

Over time I've acquired quite the supply of baby yarn for the doll projects. I believe the main colors are Bernat Baby Big Ball Pink and White. The Green is Lion Brand's Baby Soft Mint. It is easier to find the white, pink, and blues in baby yarn. I tend to pick up colors like this green when I find them on sale because there is always a project like this one that benefits from a different contrast color.

I left off a row of the knickers which I then replaced when I added the bodice. This let me use the actual first row of the bodice to crochet the row in back loops to allow me to use the front loops later for my my skirt row. Others may not find this necessary but I found it was much easier to get an even starter row for the skirt all around.

I'm also adding a note to remind myself that the first skirt row and the remiaing skirt rows are different. This doesn't give away the design notes but I didn't read the directions carefully and wondered why my skirt did not look like the one in the picture. Once I followed the directions I got the fuller look I wanted.

I still haven't fixed the bulky knickers issue yet. I'm thinking about experimenting with taking out a row so the panties are shorter and then build up the bodice from that area. It's worth a try the next outing. Another note regarding the knickers the knickers color is the same color as the top. This reminds me not to play yarn chicken. I sometimes think these small doll projects are a great time to use up yarn and they can be but it pays to note how much yarn one needs or you end up wasting yarn, not using it up.

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