Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Lots to Love 8 Inch Baby Doll Swimsuit

I started off the year with two all doll projects in mind. Every doll would leave with either a sleeping bag or a sleep sack and each would have a bathing or swimsuit. I finished the first project and the second project got a little stalled but I made a list of outstanding dolls and I'm picking up the project again.

This is one of Char Caywood patterns and it can be purchased here. The pattern was designed to fit the 8 inch and the Lil Cutesie doll so you'll be seeing this pattern again.


This was made with a mix of three sizes of size 10 Crochet thread. When it comes to the dolls I've been looking primarily for colors so I don't mind mixing brands. From Artiste I believe the yellow is Gold Dust and the variegated is Blossoms. Since the Aunt Lydia's yellow was open I'm not sure of the color but I believe it might be Maize.

I used my Tulip Etimo 1.75mm thread hook for this project.

I changed the trim at the top to a sc chain 3 skip one as it was bulging a bit with the pattern suggested trim. I've made it before with the suggested trim but each time is different and this just fit better this year.

1 comment:

Jayne said...

This is just the cutest outfit! And I love the little flip-flops!
Have a lovely week. :)

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