Tuesday, August 8, 2023

My Life Rivulets

Last year at Crochetville we pinned all of Darski's free doll patterns on a post to make them easier for ourselves and visitors to the site to find.

While researching the links for the project I realized I'd missed a couple of projects that I thought I'd made before.

For instance the pattern color of this dress is similiar to the Madison dress and I suspect I had the two confused. I chose yellow because I have a big ball left over from a previous project and I didn't have green. Since one of my goals with the doll project is to use up left over yarn the yellow was a logical choice. I was even able to use up left over white yarn from a baby blanket that has been wanting a new home.

You can find the free pattern link for Rivulets here.

Project notes:

I used an I hook for this project. The yarn was all worsted weight left overs from previous projects likely Caron Pounder for the yellow and Mary Maxim baby yarn for the white. In previous years I've made shoes for every outfit however this year I think I'm going to make packets of shoes for each doll and send them with the dolls as I think I could manage a shoe weekend and I often have lost energy when I come to the end of a doll project as I'm squeezing them in between shawl projects.

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SimsLife.co.uk said...

That is so pretty, you are so talented! I can only crochet in straight lines, which is why I have a lot of blankets in my house! Sim x #MMBC

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