Monday, July 12, 2010

Crochet Train Engine

As I mentioned a previous blog post, I opened the June 2010 Crochet World when it arrived and was so excited to see patterns for toy trains for babies. After reading the patterns, I put the magazine away with the idea that the patterns were adorable, but not something I was going to put on my list of projects. The patterns required precision cutting of foam. The foam was required not just for the main body of the train, but all the little features as well. I realized I would never have the patience to work through such a project in addition to all the work required to crochet and assemble the trains.

As I worked on more toy projects, I realized a compromise could be made. The trains would not be as form fitting as the trains in the magazine, but they would still be fun first train toys for a young relative I had first thought of when I saw the magazine. The toys could be crocheted, sewn together, and stuffed with traditional stuffing. It required a few minor adjustments, but it was worth it to be able to make the trains.

I started with the engine because I realized that if my plan did not work for the engine, than making the other cars was pointless. I used colors I had and I changed the brown to black intentionally. I did not like the way the brown I had looked with the colors I selected. I also changed the windows on the engine to a brighter color. I wanted something cheerful for a baby toy. As I post the pictures of the other trains, you will be able to see I reverted to black windows when the color combinations looked good. I also reduced the number of windows when it became too crowded.

See the Other Train Pictures:

Box Car

Coal Car


Crochet Train Set

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