Thursday, July 22, 2010

Female Vampire Amigurumi

I find it comforting to read on other blogs that people share my challenges. It does not solve my problem, but it means I am not alone. While I have not yet started doing craft shows or making items for sale online, I do have a need to make multiple projects for family members and I find it challenging to stick with the same pattern for multiple projects unless I mix things up. Before anyone panics, I am not contemplating selling work made from other people's patterns without permission. I am just contemplating the work involved with committing to making multiple items for sale purposes.

This female vampire is actually a modified version of the witch pattern from Gourmet Crochet's Monster Mash Amigurumi. I used Dracula's cape instead of the witch version because it was longer. I had already made two Draculas. I needed a third vampire character to balance out my Halloween packages. I just did not want to make another Dracula that day and decided to play with the witch pattern and create a female companion for Dracula. One package requires two of each doll. I already have three Frankensteins. The first blue one has already left for his new home. I have made one blue and one in a more traditional green for the package that requires two of each item. The female vampire now balances the vampire requirements.

If you arrived here looking for free Halloween patterns please check out the Halloween Knit and Crochet Page or the Halloween Plastic Canvas Page.

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