Friday, July 9, 2010

Birthday Goodies

My focus has been on buying vintage and out of print patterns. I have borrowed current books from the library, but kept putting off buying them because they are current and still in print. The vintage patterns are generally only available for a limited time.

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I realized this was a chance to actually get some of those books I had put of buying while I have been acquiring the old stuff. Yesterday he did not just buy a few off my list, but emptied my current list for my birthday.

I added several new titles to my collection.

Easy Crochet Critters (Leisure Arts #75266)

I have wanted to make the lion and the hippo in this collection forever. I have been tempted so many times to pick this up in one of my many trips to the craft store. However, I could never justify buying it when I was there making other purchases.

Crobots: 20 Amigurumi Robots to Make

I have taken this book out of the library several times. I love the robot patterns and have wanted to explore the patterns. Just as I have been ready to dive in, its been time to return the book. So when the time came to make a list, this book had to be on it.

A Zoo For You (Leisure Arts #5152)

This was another one of those books I have looked at several times and put back. It is not terribly expensive, but when I have been buying other things I just could not justify buying it. I love the polar bear. I am both anticipating and dreading the challenge of the zebra. I am not as crazy about the lion, but want to try the tiger and the giraffe.

Crochet for Bears to Wear: More Than 20 Perfect Projects for Your Favorite Teddies and Friends

I was reading every preview available for this before it came out. I have visited it every time we have been to the bookstore. I do not think my husband had any doubt this would appear on the list. What I really liked was the directions for adapting the patterns to fit different bears. I have been a bear collector since I was a child, so I have no doubt some of my bears will be sporting new outfits.

I also took the chance to build my travel bag. I have always had trouble just sitting without something to keep my hands busy. In years past, it has been needlepoint or embroidery projects. Now it is mostly crochet projects. I generally take a small project with limited directions, usually a dishcloth or a simple amigurumi. Recently I worked on a ghost ami at the July 4th parade. I worked on a ghost dishcloth at a college graduation. The problem is I have to pack the basic items each time I go and I often forget to unpack all the smaller items when I come home and find myself searching for a hook or a counter. So my husband kindly bought me extra g hooks and counters to add to my bag that can stay there. Most of my travel projects are g hook projects so this works perfectly.

Picture Credit: Aine D

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