Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crochet Caboose Train

This was the last pattern I attempted from the June 2010 Crochet World Train Patterns for babies.

The Caboose and the Engine were the two most difficult to create without the foam to hold the form. However, I did like the both when they were done. They really are going to be great baby toys. I think they will be a great introduction to trains for the little boy they will be headed to this December.

I again changed the brown to black in this pattern and chose a generic brand of red to create the caboose. I reduced the end windows, even following the gauge they did not fit.

I already have made pattern notes for this project and will likely take another shot at it. It is amazing how much you can learn just going through a pattern about how to do better the next time. Each time through teaches you new things you just did not see the time before. In this case it will be even more important as I took out a main component of the pattern, the foam blocks that not only form the support for the crochet, but around which the patterns were written.

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