Monday, July 26, 2010

Cooking with Crochet Eggs

I received another request for Christmas presents. The recipient wants crocheted play food. I started going through my books. My husband bought me Tasty Crochet: A Pantry Full of Patterns for 33 Tasty Treats for Christmas last year. I originally had asked for the book thinking I would make some holiday decorations. Based on ages and interests, I was not sure any of the kids would enjoy pretend crochet food.

I had been collecting free patterns because it reminded me of the plastic food collections I had spent hours acquiring for my nieces when they were younger. They happened to arrive at the age of interest just as the products were not widely marketed. My younger sister and I scoured stores in search of elusive supplies.

This book was my first stop for patterns and I have only had time to move to one other book for cooking hardware so far. I had made crochet Easter Eggs at Easter. However, this pattern was targeted towards creative play, not just holiday decorations. Not only did it provide the egg pattern, but the egg is in fact cracked. The pattern requires you to crochet each half of the egg and sew it only around half way leaving an opening in the egg.

The book provides a pattern for an eggshell to crack as well as an egg yolk and white that can be dropped into a bowl as shown here. It also allows a child to pretend to cook the egg on a pan as demonstrated in the book. The egg is stored in the cracked egg until the child “cracks” the egg for cooking. It also provides a handy way for storing the play food in a more contained manner.

I made this eggshell in worsted weight yarn and I am going to try for a second one in cotton to see if it gives it slightly more form. It holds its form pretty well when the egg is inside, but the shell is very wimpy without anything to hold the form. Since it has no stuffing to hold the form, I am hoping cotton will make it a bit stiffer.

I am actually crocheting a frying pan from Annie's Attic's It's Play Time that I hope to post when I finish it. I will get a shot with the eggs I am sure. I completed the cookie sheet from the same book. With my husband's help in cutting the cardboard, it came out quite cute. I will get some pictures of that posted as well. Ironically, I bought that book for the tools in it, not the kitchen items. I have yet to make one of the tools. Sometimes you never know what will come in handy when you are picking up new books.

If you arrived here looking for free crochet or knit food patterns please see the Free Food Knit and Crochet Page.

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