Friday, July 30, 2010

Crochet Cookie Sheet

Crochet food is fun, but kids also need the kitchen items to put the food on. This cookie sheet comes from Annie's Attic's It's Play Time . I mentioned in a previous post that I am working on the frying pan from the book. The crochet work is all done. I am hunting for the appropriate sized cardboard that provide the support for the bottom of the pan. We always seem to recycle prior to these projects.

The cookie sheet was a fun project and used up the last of my available cardboard. My husband was kind enough to cut a piece to fit the pattern requirements. He is much better at making things straight keeping the corners square than I am.

I thought perhaps I might have crocheted some cookies by the time I was ready to post this pattern, but I have been busy working on Halloween projects. I finally finished the eight ghosts I need to have finished for this fall. I have half the number of pumpkins done. When I get to making some cookies I post a picture of the cookies with the pan before I ship it for Christmas.

If you arrived here looking for free crochet or knit food patterns please see the Free Food Knit and Crochet Page.

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