Monday, July 5, 2010

Crochet Parade Car

I love the Fourth of July Parade that takes place in my hometown. I still drag my husband and anyone else who is around to sit and watch the parade with me every year. We stake out a great place early on and enjoy the day while we wait for the parade to start.

While I was making toys to send for the holiday, I came across a pattern in an Annie's Crochet Newsletter for a Fun Mobile for a car and what looked like Weebles. It made me think of the old cars that were entered in the parade and I decided to make that the third item in the package. For those who are interested the pattern was found in the Nov-Dec 1988 Annie's Crochet Newsletter.

I would check the gauge on the main part of the car as the hood came out longer than it should have been and that made it challenging to sew together. I would also stick with sports yarn for the dolls. If the dolls did not need to fit in the car the size would have been less of an issue. Even on the second doll, I still did not have sports yarn for the face.

Despite the challenges, what kept me going was seeing the taillights on the car. That convinced me that despite the challenges, the project was going to be adorable when complete. I had never done anything with that kind of detail.

I am enjoying branching out into other types of toys. Hopefully, next week I will have the blogs ready on the Crochet World Train pattern I am working on. I have one more car to complete the set and then will need to get the pictures taken and loaded in order to have the posts ready.

If you arrived here looking for free car patterns there are some on the Free Toy Pattern Page. If you are looking for amigurumi dolls to crochet check out the Free Knit and Crochet Doll Pattern Page.

This pattern was challenging. I was trying to use up yarn and not buy more yarn. The dolls called for sports yarn and I have been trying to save my sports yarn for dolls clothes. So I tried to work the first doll to make it fit the car. The second doll benefited from changing the colors and using up some left over sports yarn.

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