Friday, July 2, 2010

Farmer Girl

I finally have one resident for the one of the farms that will be leaving here at Christmas time. I am hoping she will have a male companion and that the other farm will also be fully stocked will animals and people prior to Christmas. This was my first attempt with a crochet ami doll and it had its moments. I have been reading more tutorials about hair and heads as evidenced by the collection of tutorials posted yesterday. However, those all came after the creation of this doll when I realized more work was needed. However, as a first effort I am pleased. There were parts that went better than I thought they would.

I have been collecting out of print patterns books and magazines to increase my pattern collection. This pattern is from Annie's Crochet Newsletter Jul-Aug 1992. Michelle Wilcox was the designer. It is interesting as I have started to collect patterns how many names you run across in different publications. This pattern was called "Wash Day" and designed as a display, not for children's play. However, the idea of a farmer that came with her own afghan seemed too good to let go. There is a goose with this pattern that will likely be added to the farm yard as I finish off all the other requirements.

If you arrived here looking for free amigurumi doll patterns please visit the Crochet and Knit Doll Page where you will find patterns. If you are looking for amigurumi toys, please visit the Toy Pattern Page where you will find selections of free Toy Patterns.

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crazy mumma said...

What a great present for a little someone. Toys like those are much treasured.
Great work.

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