Monday, August 2, 2010

Crochet Spatula

This pattern also came from Annie's Attic's It's Play Time . While I liked the idea of the slotted plastic “look,” the next time I make this, I will make a solid spatula bottom and use either plastic canvas or cardboard to make the surface solid. While the patterns gives directions for making the handle more solid, there are no instructions for making the slotted bottom supported enough that kids could actually use it to flip the crochet pancakes or eggs. The toy can still be used to pretend to mix things or in other fashions, but it will not function well as a spatula. I will be working on making a spatula that will flip those pancakes and eggs for Christmas.

I am glad that I feel more confident about working through a project and then even when it does not quite meet my expectations, finding a way to fix it. I have a couple of different spoon patterns to try out as well. One from this book and one from a tea set pattern I purchased. I am thinking about trying to expand the size of the tea plates to get some plates to put the play food on. If it works out, you will be able to see the pictures here.

If you arrived here looking for free crochet or knit food patterns please see the Free Food Knit and Crochet Page.

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