Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Farm Pattern

I have been posting blogs for several months about my farm project based on an out of print Annie's Attic pattern. The picture above is of the Annie's Attic one since I cannot borrow the designer's photographs of her new design. However, I hate not having pictures.

I have been following Bizzy Crochet's blog about her farm project, but was waiting for the pattern to be posted before mentioning it to others who have been asking me where to find their own Fisher Price like farm. Well I must say this is BETTER than the Annie's Attic version. The pieces are stored in a farmhouse shaped like the silo many of us remember from the original Fisher Price Barn. I plan to have this downloaded by the time this is posted to avoid the rush.

The pattern includes some animals I have and some I do not. I finally have a male farmer to go with my farmer girl. I am also thrilled to take on the challenge of a barn. With all the additional animals, I keep adding the farm bag is not going to be nearly big enough to hold all the animals and it will be fun to have a crochet area for the kids to play with the farm animals. I am thrilled to have this pattern to try.

I will add this link to the toy section, but for those who arrived here you can find the pattern at Bizzy Crochet.

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Linda C. said...

I have desperately been looking for the Annie's Attic pattern booklet that you show. Do you know where I could get that exact pattern?

Sheltie Times said...

The pattern title is "Down on the Farm" published by Annie's Attic Pattern Club pattern, Pattern number 87B54 printed in 1984.

As for finding it I see it pop up from time to time at various places you can buy out of print crochet and knit patterns. My suggestion would be to search by the pattern title.

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