Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alphabet Christmas Block Ornament

Alphabet Christmas blocks are not an original or new idea for a Christmas ornament, but I always like to document where I got my patterns. When I read a blog, even if the pattern is not free, if someone tells me the name of the book or magazine the pattern came from, I have a chance of finding it, even if it is out of print through the resale market. Therefore, I provide others with the same resource. This pattern came from Annie's Attic Crochet Kid's Christmas Tree. I picked this up recently in one of my vintage pattern buying binges and I love the variety of kid friendly ornament patterns to make. While I have seen several alphabet block patterns, what I liked about this one was it taught the skill of making the letters in a simple method that clicked for me. Many merely state chain the letters or embroider the letters on to the block. This one actually explained a method for creating the letters that provided me with some level of success. I still have work to perfect the method, but I have avoided putting anything on my blocks, because I had no idea how to begin.

For those of you who arrived here looking for free Christmas patterns please feel free to visit the Christmas Knit and Crochet Page or the Christmas Ornament Page for free patterns. If you are looking for Plastic Canvas themed Christmas Projects please see the Plastic Canvas Christmas Page.

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