Thursday, August 12, 2010

Christmas Bell Ornament

I am continuing my Christmas ornament project. This bell pattern came from Leisure Arts Christmas Ornaments to Crochet#512. I liked this pattern because it was the first I had seen that actually had a bell that would allow the ornament to make noise. Since I will be across the country, noisy ornaments are hardly an issue. Seriously though, as a child I was always confused by bells that never made a noise. We had many metal bell shaped ornaments that were empty on the inside. It seemed odd.

The pattern confused me because it crochets the bell to a certain length and then pushes a portion of the length inside the bell to make the bell hold its shape. When I read the directions, I had no idea what the designer had in mind. I walked away, came back, played with it and came up with a workable solution. I still do not know if I followed the designer's method, but it worked for me and it allowed for a nice jingling when I added the jingle bell I had on hand. I did change the top of the bell. Instead of adding a crochet loop at the top, I used the yarn I had sewed the jingle bell to the crochet bell to crochet a loop that a metal hanger can be added to later. It just seemed like an easier solution to the problem. I will need to make a few more of these before Christmas.

For those of you who arrived here looking for free Christmas patterns please feel free to visit the Christmas Knit and Crochet Page or the Christmas Ornament Page for free patterns. If you are looking for Plastic Canvas themed Christmas Projects please see the Plastic Canvas Christmas Page.

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Jennifer @ Just Peachy in Dixie said...

I too never understood bells that don't jingle! Thanks for sharing. I'm quickly getting inspired to pull out my hooks and yarn. Thank you! :)

Sheltie Times said...

I just saw your cake it looks like you will be busy. There are so many fun projects that it drove me to learn to crochet. I originally started researching free knitting and crochet patterns for my Mom, Aunt, and a few other people and then I found there were so many things I wanted to make. I had to learn.

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