Monday, August 30, 2010

Crochet Pig Finger Puppet

As I mentioned earlier in the week I am working my way through a book of finger puppets Finger Puppets 12 Designs To Crochet by Susan Pippin. I really like combining my love of making Ami's with puppets. This particular pattern book was a real find when I was buying vintage patterns. I am realizing as I master the basic techniques that I can move beyond the patterns in the book to create what I want.

For instance after finishing this pig I had a real desire to make a fairy tale set out of these puppets. The Three Little Pigs would be perfect, but there is no wolf. I will post soon about my wolf solution and hopefully an update on the Three Pigs project.

I am working on a flat puppet project and while interesting it is not nearly as fun as these little ami puppets have been during the creation phase.

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