Friday, August 13, 2010

Teddy Bear Santa Ornament

This project started as a simple Christmas ornament from an out of print Annie's Attic pattern book, Crochet Kid's Christmas Tree. The original pattern had a teddy with a ribbon around his neck and he looked cute in the leaflet picture. When I completed mine, he was lacking something. As a toy, he would have been fine. However to hang on a tree he needed something more. Therefore, I used the Santa hat from another ornament in the book and I was starting to get some place. However, I realized there was a reason the designer included a ribbon in the original pattern plan. The design of the head required additional coverage for the neck. Therefore, instead of a ribbon I decided to crochet a simple scarf. It got more complicated than I planned. I ended up sewing the scarf to the bear to prevent it from catching on the Christmas tree.

While I have often teased about others finding it hard to let Ami’s leave this house, it will be hard for me to see this little guy travel to his new home. It will not be easy to duplicate him to make myself one. I will have to decide if I will try in the future.

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