Friday, August 20, 2010

Crochet Glasses

Having finished the plates, I turned my thought towards glasses. Again, I could find items close to my goal but not quite, what I was seeking. While I am eventually thinking about making a tea set once the kitchen is completed, I want to focus on a basic kitchen set for this project. Therefore, I knew I did not want teacups or coffee cups. However, as I looked at the pattern for Cafe con Leche Cup in Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet I realized it could be adapted.

One of the issues with making glasses was having them be able to support their own weight, as they got taller. The Cafe pattern made smaller cups but the cups were stuffed and had a topping to create the illusion of a topping on the coffee. This worked out perfectly for my plan. I used the basic cup pattern, made it taller and then changed the colors of the toppings to create different colored "drinks" for the kids. I have orange juice, milk, lemonade, and red fruit juice.

My goal in designing these was not an elegant table, but to resemble what the kids generally experience. Unbreakable cups and kids are a time honored tradition in my family. Long before Sippy cups were on the market, we had unbreakable cups for the younger generation to prevent glasses from being broken. When I finished these, they did remind me of some of the interesting sets we acquired over the years.

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