Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crochet Frying Pan

Those who have been reading this blog know I have been working on creating crochet food and kitchen items for Christmas. This has been a fun and challenging project. Even my husband has gotten involved cutting cardboard to make the pieces that require more support. While some pieces have been more successful than others, the frying pan ranks in the success column.

This pattern comes from Annie's Attic's It's Play Time. I found the crochet directions to make the parts of the pan to be very straight forward and easy to follow. However, the assembly directions left much to be desired. This was one of those patterns that says, now sew it together. The one hint it did give was that you should single crochet the cardboard and the circle used to cover the cardboard to the bottom of the pan creating a hole to slide the crochet covered ruler into the opening creating a pan handle. My instinct would have been to put the carboard in the bottom of the pan and sew it down. However that would have created a problem in adding the handle. I also had to work out my wrong side/right side issues with which side should be showing. Now a more experienced or even intelligent crocheter may not have had these struggles. I have only been at this for a little over a year.

When I finally had it all together and started taking pictures it was worth the several times I pulled the bottom off and started over. This is a cute toy and one that will function as well as its plastic alternatives. I am pleased that this works as a pretend cooking option. It is hard to know with crochet toys if there will be enough support as I discovered making the spatula. I have design improvements for a non-slotted spatula option I plan to make before Christmas that I will post if I finish.

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